paintings by loring doyle


lady in a spotted dress        magenta blanket


San Rafael-based fine art painter


Loring Doyle is a well known visual effects artist who has been painting for years and just recently started having his work displayed in shows.  Loring has worked on award winning feature films for over 25 years, starting with George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back made at Industrial Light and Magic.  After working on 35 films, Doyle has spent the last year painting ideas and sketches.  The work is humorous, surreal, erotic, and contains bright colors and shapes that suggest dreamlike landscapes.  Loring received his BFA, and MFA from California Institute of the Arts.  He has taught at many colleges in San Francisco and recently taught at Dominican University in San Rafael.  Working not only in America but also in Spain, England, and New Zealand he has received numerous awards and had an animated short shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  He lives in San Rafael with his attorney wife.

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